Staff who are not explicitly instructed to work at the campus in person should not come to work. Managers and supervisors will assess what services need to continue on the campus to protect and serve students in residence and maintain other critical operations, such as the delivery of remote learning, student housing/dining, University Health Services, etc. Employees will receive direction from their managers if they are required to come to the campus in order to work. People who are working from home should continue to do so.

Telecommuting technology resources

Answers to technical questions about telecommuting and reference guide for ordering equipment.

Cybersecurity and COVID-19

Cybersecurity resources relating to telecommuting.

Telecommuting policy for staff

Telecommuting policies and procedures, including the Temporary Remote Work Agreement.

Ergonomics tips for working at home

Be Well at Work has special ergonomics tips for working at home.

Off campus internet access options

Free and low-cost options for accessing internet off campus.

Working outside of California

There are special considerations for employees working outside of California due to COVID-19. It is the policy of the university that faculty and staff employees should physically be working in the United States. If you have a question about this policy, please contact Heather Archer (for academic appointees) or Eugene Whitlock (non-academic staff).