All requirements are in accordance with Cal/OSHA and CDPH guidance and are subject to change.

Employee requirements

⃞ Get vaccinated or schedule your first test

State regulations require faculty and staff who are not vaccinated to be tested if they come to campus for any reason and for any length of time. If you are fully vaccinated, you are considered exempt from the testing requirement for 180 days post-vaccination. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your final dose.

  • If you were vaccinated outside of UC Berkeley and do not want to be subject to the testing requirement, then you must upload your vaccination record to the secure eTang portal.
  • If you were vaccinated through UC Berkeley, no further action is required.

If you’re not fully vaccinated, you will need to participate in regular COVID-19 testing through University Health Services. See the UHS website for locations and logistics.

⃞ If you have never been tested on campus, get tested

Regardless of vaccination status, everyone needs to have been tested on campus for COVID-19 at least once in order to show up as compliant in the system. This is a technical limitation of the testing badge. If you have never been tested for COVID-19 on campus, you will need to get tested:

You must get tested during your scheduled work time (“on the clock”). You can get your first test on the first day that you return to campus, or before that date during your scheduled working hours. If you have ever been tested for COVID-19 on campus and you are fully vaccinated then you do NOT need to be tested again in order to return to campus.

⃞ Complete required training

⃞ Complete the Daily Symptom Screener

You must complete the Daily Symptom screener for each day that you intend to be on campus for indoor or outdoor activities.

⃞ Activate CA Notify

Activate CA Notify on your phone to find out if you were exposed to COVID-19. You can also notify others if you test positive, while remaining anonymous. Your personal information is never collected, so you and those around you can stay safe.

⃞ Download the UC Berkeley Mobile app

All UC Berkeley employees and students are asked to download the UC Berkeley Mobile app on their smartphone. This links to the Campus Access Badge, which shows compliance with each of the above requirements. Once all requirements are met, your badge will turn green and say “cleared for on-site access.” Please note that it can take up to 45 minutes for your badge to update.

⃞ Wear a face covering when required

Face covering requirements.

⃞ Verify access

Your Cal 1 Card should already be up-to-date for building access. Contact your supervisor if your key or access badge does not work or you otherwise cannot obtain access to your workplace. All employees/affiliates needing a new or replacement Cal 1 Card may obtain one by visiting Cal 1 Card’s Flex Appointment Page and selecting from available appointment time slots. Note: the available appointment time slots become visible within 2 weeks of the corresponding date. Learn more through the Cal 1 Card website. Many campus buildings will remain locked until near the beginning of the fall semester.  You may need to make special arrangements to enter buildings that are locked and for which you do not have key or badge access.

🅇 Flu shot

As of April 30, 2021, a flu vaccine is no longer required.

Other considerations for employees

⃞ Parking and transit

Explore parking and transportation options for commuting to campus. Daily, weekly, and monthly parking permits may be purchased at P&T’s Return to Campus webpage.

⃞ Computers and technology

  • Allow time to order technical equipment for campus or home office:
  • Set up a Wi-Fi key to be ready to log in when you get to campus. View detailed info on other tech to check.
  • Wi-Fi options – Eduroam is the primary Wi-Fi service for the best connection and access to the campus network (be sure to drop Airbears or other options in your list). It provides access to all students, faculty, and staff. Short-term visitors and guests may use CalVisitor, an open Wi-Fi network that requires no password. Longer-term visitors can obtain a CalNet Guest Account which allows them to use Eduroam. Follow these steps to get your Wi-Fi key/password.
  • Campus phone lines – You may need to reset your phone by unplugging it from the jack and plugging it back in again. Update your voicemail greeting, if you’ve forgotten your password, please reset it before returning to campus.
  • Rebooting computers – If you have a computer on campus that has not been powered on for some time, turn your computer on and make sure all users are logged off. The computer will automatically update itself overnight.
  • Tech Support – For help troubleshooting devices or other technical assistance, please contact IT Client Services (ITCS):
  • Create a ticket:; or
  • Call 510-664-9000 and select option 1
  • Demand for services throughout summer and early fall is expected to be high. Please plan ahead for fall, we appreciate your patience.

Managers and supervisors

⃞ Monitor Campus Access Badge compliance

  • Each day, monitor campus access clearance for employees who you formally supervise on campus using People Cards. Employees cleared to be on campus will have a green “CA” badge on their people cards. Employees not cleared to access campus will show as “red.”
  • If an employee is working on campus and their card shows “red,” they need to be sent home immediately unless sending them home would cause an imminent health and safety risk. If there is not an imminent health and safety risk, send the employee home and contact the appropriate People & Culture representative for your unit and your supervisor. If sending the person home would cause an imminent health and safety risk, contact your supervisor and seek guidance about how to proceed.
  • Faculty and staff with a “red” badge are prohibited by state regulations from working on-site.

Facility and building managers and unit managers

⃞ Prepare your physical environment

  • Inspect spaces for signs of pest activity (e.g. rodents, roaches, ants, pantry moths) and water intrusion or mold, send an email to which will generate a work order with Facilities Services.
  • Properly dispose of expired chemicals.
  • Throw out old and expired food.
  • Flush drinking fountains and kitchen sinks for one minute before first use until building occupancy returns to normal.
  • Avoid the use of floor fans, desk fans, portable air cleaners, or wall-mounted fans that blow air directly from one person to another.