This page has been created as a resource for instructors and will be updated as the situation changes.


UC Berkeley will return to primarily in-person operations and instruction for the fall semester. This page is designed to help you prepare and adjust to this change.

The campus is returning to in-person instruction because the connectivity and common experiences afforded by campus presence are essential for building, strengthening, and maintaining a robust and inclusive university culture that supports our innovative work as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented university.

The return to campus has been made possible by the widespread availability of vaccines and high vaccination rates within the campus and surrounding communities. Being vaccinated is the most effective way for instructors and students to protect themselves against COVID-19, and also helps protect those few members of our community who can’t be vaccinated.

What to do

As an instructor, you are expected to:

⃞ Comply with all ongoing campus requirements

See the return to campus page for a complete list of requirements, including:

⃞ Familiarize yourself with resources for instructors:

Academic Accommodations Hub

Academic Senate Fall 2021 Instructor FAQs

Disabled Students’ Program Faculty FAQs

⃞ Plan ahead for absences and be prepared to pivot

Plan ahead for what you’ll do if you’re not able to be on campus. This could include moving to remote instruction in the event of fires or smoke, change in campus health guidelines, the need to take care of a family member or if you get sick yourself.

  • See the flexible work arrangements for academic appointees document for more information.
  • Unless your class is in a course-capture enabled classroom, recording in-person classes is at the discretion of the instructor. However, instructors are advised to be prepared for potential transitions to remote instruction in response to power outages, air quality issues, or changing public health guidance.

⃞ Engage students

For half the students on campus this fall, it will be their first time attending classes in-person. Instructors are encouraged to provide additional opportunities for student engagement at the start of the semester and a tapered start to assignments and quizzes. Your course syllabus is an excellent place to provide information to students about supportive resources, as well.

What not to do

Ⓧ Ask about vaccination status

Do not ask students if they are vaccinated or request proof of vaccination.

Ⓧ Require face coverings if not required by campus

You’re allowed to request that students wear a face covering in your classroom but it is not okay to exclude, retaliate or penalize those who choose not to, if campus policy does not require face coverings.

Ⓧ Share information about positive cases

University Health Services has a process for notifying students and employees of potential exposures. You should not communicate about positive cases without express permission due to privacy concerns.

UHS will continue contact tracing and case investigation for positive cases; in general, vaccinated individuals who come in close contact with a positive case will still be contacted, and would not typically be quarantined if they remain asymptomatic. Depending on the nature of the case and the exposure, these contacts may also be tested.