As announced in a message to campus , UC Berkeley engaged in a process to plan for multiple scenarios for the fall semester. A single principle has guided all of this work: to protect the health of our community. Each committee was asked to develop plans for each of the following three scenarios for the fall semester:
  • Scenario #1: For public health reasons, the campus must continue with full remote instruction, and predominantly remote work being done in the operations and research realms.
  • Scenario #2: In-person operations resume, with limits and restrictions imposed by public health authorities.
  • Scenario #3: Campus operations largely return to normal (i.e., mostly in-person), but wherever possible, will accommodate students, staff, researchers and instructors who need or prefer to operate remotely due to continuing pandemic conditions.


Each of the following committees was charged with studying and making suggestions for a key area of campus operations. Each committee is led by members of the Chancellor’s Cabinet and special advisors who share their committees’ progress and recommendations during weekly Cabinet meetings. The Cabinet uses the recommendations to guide decision-making as they develop plans to resume operations in a way that maximizes community safety.  The broad range of student perspectives are also being incorporated into the planning. The current committees are:
  1. COVID-19 Public Health and Testing Advisory Committee. Led by Nicholas Jewell, professor of biostatistics in the School of Public Health.
  2. Research. Led by Vice Chancellor for Research Randy Katz.
  3. Instruction. Led by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Paul Alivisatos.
  4. Student Engagement and Services. Co-led by Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Oscar Dubón, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education Cathy Koshland, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Stephen Sutton.
  5. Housing and Dining. Led by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Stephen Sutton.
  6. Operations. Led by Vice Chancellor for Administration Marc Fisher. There are three subcommittees within the Operations working group: Workforce, led by Vice Provost for the Faculty Benjamin Hermalin and Chief People and Culture Officer Eugene Whitlock; Events and External Relations; and Information Technology, led by Jenn Stringer.
  7. Athletics. Led by Director of Athletics James Knowlton.
  8. Financial Planning. Led by Vice Chancellor for Finance Rosemarie Rae.
  9. Communications. Led by Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Public Affairs Diana Harvey.