When will indoor gatherings/activities be permitted?

Most likely not sooner than with the start of the fall semester when campus reopens, contingent upon the City of Berkeley’s public health order and public health guidance by the university.

Can food and beverage be served at gatherings or trainings?

Most likely not. Until public health guidance changes, masking will be required for all participants, for the entire duration of the activity.

What is the process for approving new spaces for in-person activities?

The campus is not accepting proposals for additional spaces at present but will introduce an approval process shortly. In the meantime, if you have a space you would like to nominate for approval, please contact actvitiesrecovery@berkeley.edu and we will notify you when the committee is considering additional spaces for approval.

How can I request that a space be added to the approved list?

Proposals for opening venues for limited participatory in-person activities should be submitted to the recovery committee at the following email: actvitiesrecovery@berkeley.edu.

How much time should I allow in order to get approval for an in-person activity?

That depends upon the activity.  If the activity is subject to the Major Events Policy, the requirements of that policy must be observed.  Location/venue deadlines may also apply.  Applications must be submitted to the Activities Recovery Coordinator for consideration at least ten business days prior to the proposed date of the activity. Please reach out to the venue for more specific information as a part of your planning process.

How will the committee decide between two (2) competing proposals?

If multiple applications are received for the same time and location, then applications will be considered and approved in the order they are received by the Activities Recovery Coordinator.  If the activity proposals are submitted simultaneously then the order of consideration will be determined by a coin flip.

Is there a time limit for in-person activities?

The venue or location can set durational limits for reservations.

In-person activities shall not last more than three (3) hours and be conducted during normal business hours.

My staff/faculty are not currently approved to come to campus. Can they get approved to come to an in-person gathering/activity?

Not at this time. In-person activities will be limited to students, and staff/faculty who already have been approved to come to campus on an ongoing basis.

Will there be access to restrooms?

Yes. Each approved venue will have access to restrooms within a reasonable walking distance.

Can I have outside speakers or vendors?

No. Activities can only include campus faculty and staff who have permission and reason to come to campus and/or enrolled students. Individuals in these categories should not bring their family members, friends, dependents, etc. with them when participating in activities.  The activities must also consist of participation by all attendees.  Activities that consist of listening to a speaker must continue to be carried out remotely.

Who is responsible for complying with health protocols?

The sponsoring group is responsible for maintaining all health and safety protocols, and all participants are expected to comply.

Does this policy allow me to meet to work on a class project?

No. In-person instructional activities are separate from these requests. For class-related gatherings, it is best to make requests with the instructor or continue to work remotely.

Is there a cost associated with using an approved venue?

The venue may or may not charge a fee for use, check with the venue.