Updated March 29, 2022

The City of Berkeley Public Health Officer has issued an update to the order requiring proof of vaccination for patrons and employees of certain businesses.

As of March 11, 2022, City of Berkeley requirements as they pertained to restaurants, gyms and indoor events where food or drink is served, were removed from this Order. Indoor Mega Events, 1,000 attendees or more indoors, should defer to the State’s Mega Event guidance.

The City order now only strongly recommends proof of vaccination verification. So, the UC Berkeley RMT has permited local units/departments that manage indoor spaces where this order applies to choose whether to continue requiring proof of vaccination or not. This permission is only given through May 31, 2022. (Please note: All CalDining facilities and the RSF will no longer require proof of vaccination.)

Local units/departments should assess whether vaccination checking helps or hinders their particular event attendees’ participation. If a manager of a space chooses to continue checking proof of vaccination, care should be taken with communicating with attendees if checking proof of vaccination since it seems that most camps and city locations will no longer be choosing to require proof.

If a manager of a space chooses to continue checking proof of vaccination, the proof of vaccine protocol remains in place and must be followed.

At this phase of the pandemic, when managing events, please take into consideration the following:

  • Each department/division is responsible for the adherence to all COVID-related requirements in effect when hosting a gathering.
  • Event hosts must keep fully up-to-date on evolving requirements. The key authorities during this pandemic are CA Dept of Public Health, the City of Berkeley Public Health, Cal/OSHA, the UC system, and campus.
  • Maintain strong communication with your guests.
  • Venue Managers and event holders must follow current campus policies regarding face-coverings and display signage about the rules. (Note that currently there are far fewer requirements than in the past, you may only have stricter requirements with permission from the RMT.)
  • Checking for proof of vaccination is only allowed in situations listed in the city’s public health order through May 31, 2022, without expressed permission from the RMT. A department does not have to check if it does not wish to (please see update above for more information).
  • When contracting with third parties, contracts should be reviewed and have appropriate cancelation language, in case public health or operational conditions degrade.
  • The Events and External Relations Committee continues to be a resource for those trying to plan events. If you have questions, please contact us at: activitiesrecovery@berkeley.edu.