In keeping with State Guidance for Higher Education, it is required that event sponsors consider converting events to remote/virtual whenever possible.  These guidelines pertain to non-instructional and non-research convening of students, faculty, staff, or the public. More information is available on instruction and research. A decision framework (which may be updated based upon changed pandemic conditions) will be applied to all future actions regarding in-person activities.

Resuming limited activities

As of Monday, April 5, 2021, limited participatory activities can be approved in specific spaces provided by the campus. The following guidance was issued regarding this resumption of limited in-person activities. The University is permitting the planning of in-person activities to commence, campus departments and/or Registered Student Organizations who meet the following criteria can submit a Pre-Approval Request. The limited resumption of In-person activities will only include participatory gatherings that cannot be conducted remotely/virtually. Criteria for remote/virtual events:
  • Non-participating audience
  • Speech observation
  • Non-instructional
  • Non-essential
In-person events must meet at least these criteria:
  • Participants must be (pre-approved) essential staff and faculty or Registered Student Organizations
  • Submission of the Pre Approval Request no later than ten business days prior to the event date. (NOTE to Registered Student Organizations: Since the Major Events Policy remains in force, we recommend the submission at least 8 weeks in advance of the requested date. Reservations by student organizations to use facilities will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with a coin toss resolving simultaneous reservations. The viewpoint expressed at the event will not be considered in approving or rejecting activity applications.)
  • Must meet currently required safety protocols, protect yourself and others.
  • Permitted in the following outdoor locations:
    • Campanile Esplanade
    • Lower Sproul Plaza
    • Memorial Glade
    • Upper Sproul
    • VLSB Lawn
    • Haas School Courtyard
    • Greek Theatre
    • Botanical Garden Redwood Grove

Scope and exceptions

You may continue to plan for in-person events. However, due to public health conditions and operational constraints, you may have to cancel them eventually or switch to remote delivery, if that is possible.  In such a case, your department would generally be responsible for all of the contract damages associated with the cancellation, unless you have specifically been advised by the Office of Legal Affairs that your contracts protect you from damages in the event that public health orders associated with the pandemic are covered. Request cancellation of events already contracted: vice chancellor of administration Intercollegiate Athletics activities, including practices and competitions, may proceed in accordance with current safety protocols and in compliance with the Berkeley Public Health Order. The University will honor existing agreements with the Pac-12 Conference and the NCAA Cal Bears Website

Off-campus events and gatherings

At this time, public health orders and campus directives do not permit professional meetings or activities in the Bay Area, even if the attendees wear face coverings and maintain physical distance. Off-campus meetings would also be subject to campus policies regarding travel during the pandemic For further information, please see these FAQ’s