Friday, Dec. 11, 2020 – 8 a.m.

The Library provided the following update on its services:

The UC Berkeley Library provides many services to support Berkeley’s teaching and research mission. Shortly after the pandemic hit, the Library began to redesign a number of services and expand its digital offerings. Yet many still miss the Library’s popular study spaces and have asked when they will open once again.

In its plan for reopening on-campus services, the Library has identified a sequence of five stages, which it is calling chapters. The Library is currently in Chapter 2, which prioritizes services that support campus instruction and research now — while the majority of the campus community is working and learning remotely. Chapter 2 services include:

When the Library moves to Chapter 3, it will open one study space for Berkeley students — hopefully in the spring semester. Preparations for this are underway. Factors that influence a transition to this chapter include the COVID-19 tier for our area, building functionality and density due to other services, and proximity to Library collections (which could impact the campus’s expanded access to millions of e-books).

When study spaces open, Berkeley students will need to make a reservation for an assigned seat for a limited period of time. Students will need to wear a face mask at all times while in the building (sorry, no eating and drinking) and maintain appropriate social distancing.

As circumstances improve and support the move to Chapter 4, the Library will expand study space locations to accommodate more Berkeley students while maintaining low density. In the meantime, with its expanded slate of services, the Library continues to serve as a reliable beacon of knowledge, even in the stormiest of seasons.