UC Berkeley’s social norms campaign covers a broad range of strategies and messaging plans that highlight the ways in which our community is following safety guidelines to control the spread of COVID-19.

The objective of doing this campaign is to normalize the expected behaviors so that everyone has an incentive to follow them. In this campaign, we ask people to share their personal motivations for doing what they do – thereby making an emotional connection between a task that everyone knows they should do (the recommended behaviors) and their reasons for doing it. The more authentic the responses, the more effective the campaign will be. Hence, it is important for you to take this as a platform and elevate your own community’s reasons for following the norms.

All these responses, taken together, show that as a community, #BearsCare for everyone.

Social norms campaign toolkit (access via box on this page)

The creative toolkit contains the following materials that can be used as is or adapted for use by various entities on campus – from student groups to academic departments.

  1. 8.5”x11” posters (pdf’s) that can be printed and distributed in buildings, dorms, housing and dining areas. They can also be distributed via email.
  2. InDesign files of the poster templates that can be used by units or clubs to create personalized messaging for their constituents.
  3. Sample social media posts and templates for the same.
  4. Email / web footer banner
  5. Sample designs for giveaways— t shirts, masks, sanitizer bottles, water bottles, stickers – any unit that wants to produce these can reach out to us (email: brand@berkeley.edu) to request the artwork files.
  6. A set of branded Zoom backgrounds that can be downloaded and shared with your community.
  7. Icons for four key social behaviors—wearing a mask, washing hands, social distancing & regular testing. These icons can be applied to any communications materials that you produce – emails, websites, posters, collateral.