Campus leadership is deeply concerned about preserving the quality of the student experience, whether students are living and learning on and around campus, or far from Berkeley. The Student Engagement and Services Committee, led by Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Stephen Sutton, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education Catherine Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion Oscar Dubón, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division Lisa García Bedolla, and Special Faculty Advisor to the Chancellor on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment and Professor in the Department of Linguistics Sharon Inkelas, has formed the following work groups:
  1. Student Reintegration to the Physical Campus (providing guidance and support for students, organizations and academic departments once students begin to return to campus);
  2. Student Academic Support (ensuring students have access to academic and other support services whether they are physically on campus or taking classes remotely);
  3. Building Community and Belonging: Principles and Modalities (providing guidance and support for individual students, organizations, and academic departments in creating a sense of community and belonging for students who are engaging with the campus remotely as well as fostering connections between students who may be physically present and those who may be remote).