Physical distancing and isolation restrictions can create additional safety concerns for those experiencing family or domestic violence. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. Below are a few of the resources offered to employees and students.

PATH to Care Center’s resources during COVID-19

Resources are still available during the COVID-19 pandemic, including during the shelter-in-place orders, at UC Berkeley and in local communities. This site outlines key resources, changes (if any) to hours of operation, and ways to identify local resources for those far from Berkeley.

Reporting Options

Police and law enforcement: UC Berkeley Police Department responds and investigates incidents occurring at UC Berkeley. If there is an emergency please contact UCPD at 510-642-3333 or 911 and for non-emergency and information, contact (510) 642-6760. Otherwise, please contact 911 or the Police Department where you reside or where the incident occurred. The PATH to Care Center and local domestic violence agencies can assist in identifying the correct jurisdiction and provide legally-guaranteed accompaniments when reporting to law enforcement.

Campus Reporting: The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination respond to reports, conduct interviews, and resolve complaints through web and video-conferencing, and phone appointments. OPHD will maintain normal business hours, Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. To contact OPHD, email

Workplace Protections

UC Berkeley provides a number of workplace-related protections and resources for employees experiencing family or domestic violence, including those required by applicable law. Employees are strongly encouraged to connect with a confidential resource, such as the PATH to Care CenterEmployee Assistance, or local domestic violence agency, to discuss and request workplace resources. The University offers leaves for qualifying employees such as family medical leave for serious health conditions, and for an employee who is a victim of a crime or who is a family member of a victim, job-protected unpaid leave to court appointments, safety planning, medical and counseling services related to the crime. Employees are also eligible for reasonable workplace safety accommodations.

Academic support and accommodations

Academic progress can be impacted by experiences or threats of violence. The purpose of support resources and academic accommodations is to ensure all students have a fair chance at academic success. These resources are for everyone; students have a right to use them and instructors should be familiar with them.