Friday, April 30, 2021 – noon

As a residential campus, most of UC Berkeley’s academic and cocurricular activities are designed to be experienced in person. This will once again be the case this fall and students are expected to be in residence in time to observe a one-week period for testing, vaccination for those who need it, and self-sequester before the start of in-person classes. Most courses will not have an “all-remote” option.

A limited number of remote offerings are being made available primarily to support the needs of international students who may not be able to enter the country. As always, if you need accommodations for a disability in order to fully participate in your in-person courses or to postpone your studies until you are able to attend your courses in person, please visit the Disabled Students’ Program website to apply for services.

We recognize that more than a year into the pandemic it can be hard to imagine returning to a “close-to-normal” way of life. As conditions continue to improve and additional restrictions lift, we hope it will be easier to see yourself back on campus.

Please note that as we head into the fall, being vaccinated will become the primary means of preventing infection by the coronavirus causing COVID-19. The campus continues to follow Berkeley Public Health Department guidance and state regulations. Many temporary public health measures such as physical distancing, capacity restrictions, enhanced cleaning, increased attention to ventilation and testing will be reduced, or in some cases, no longer be necessary thanks to the widespread availability of the vaccine.